Welcome to the MPBL

The Master in Problem Based Learning is a fully online, highly interactive and flexible e-Learning programme for faculty staff at institutions which want to change to Problem Based Learning (PBL) – or for faculty staff who just are interested in learning more about PBL. 

The overall aim of this Master’s programme is to support participants in achieving competences that will allow them to act as change agents in the introduction of problem based and project organised learning at the level of a single course as well as the level of a curriculum or an institution within the context of engineering and science education, addressing diverse group of students.

The programme is a two year part-time study divided into 4 semesters.

Full Master:

Starts every year September 1, given enough participants
ECTS points: 60
Application Deadline: June 1

Single Semesters:

Semesters 1, 2, and 3 are offered as single semesters and participants are enrolled together with the master participants.

Duration: One semester (half a year)
ECTS points: 15
Application Deadline: June 1 for autumn/fall semesters, December 1 for spring semesters

Single Courses:

All courses are offered as single courses.

Duration: One semester
ECTS points: 5
Application Deadline: June 1 for courses in the autumn/fall semesters, December 1 for courses in the spring semesters